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Creationism… Ugh. Seriously….

Recently the State of Indiana legislature introduced and passed a bill, final vote withstanding, that allows for the teaching of creationist “theory” alongside evolution in school science classes. Proponents of the bill are clearly coming from the standpoint, as addressed in my earlier post ‘Common Language’, that it is right to do so as in their mind this is an equal or more valid possibility than evolution. Opponents see this as crossing the line and a transparent attempt to infuse a fact based science curriculum with religious overtones. Nothing new here. Less than a century back, creation, and in this country specifically Judeo-Christian creation, was the science of our origins.

BFD Michelle, the net and affiliated media is already buzzing with outrage and logically devastating proofs that such a move reinforces the world intelligence opinion that we are but once removed from the Clampets. True, and this is a transgender discussion blog, or would be if anyone engaged [ahem], and  I doubt I have anything to add that fuels this fire of outrage a tenth of a degree. So, I’m going to pull my usual schtick and link this right up with transgender rights. Stick to what you know, right?

As far as I can tell, the one huge prevailing obstacle, and always has been, to LGBTQ rights (and before that minority and women’s rights) is the belief in a personally interested creator god who set things up the way they are. Slavery was justified this way. There wouldn’t be slavery if god didn’t create lesser people to be slaves, ipso facto, we are only doing what was ordained from the beginning of all things, several thousand years ago. God made it very clear in dozens of scripture references that women are lesser and created to be subservient, making the notion of equal rights and protection, or even a voice in government and policy, simply absurd. Thankfully society at large has since been able to “gloss over” such clear directions and rationalize that their god didn’t really mean it that way. Some heavenly directives are less equal to others and such.

Not that I can argue full equality has been reached by minorities and women, not by a long shot, but the LGBTQ community is still in the thick of it. The passages pertaining to us have not quite been glossed over by the majority of believers. “The whole slavery thing? Weeeelllllll…. not so sure about that. Gays though, dear lord, you know he meant that shit! Says so right here!” This can change and I think it will if we keep pressing hard enough. Our LGB brothers and sisters are finally making some headway, and more and more  of the compassionate and forward thinking biblical literalists are making the humanistic decision to say maybe these passages too aren’t of such importance. Transgender folks should be next in line. It’s a good paradigm shift from ‘god didn’t make anyone naturally this way’ to ‘maybe he actually did’ and the gays and trans aren’t opening themselves up to a world of hurt just for giggles.

Where I find the recent push to incorporate creationism back into schools very dangerous, aside from the obvious, is that is represents a downward slope for everyone. White males excluded, of course. I don’t think it is an erroneous conclusion to state that those pushing this agenda are also those hold outs who maybe think the parts that are currently being “glossed over”, probably shouldn’t be. If the biblical creation story is fact, contrary to all physical and logical evidence, doesn’t it stand to reason that rest of it should be taken as rote fact as well? If the implausible beginning of this book is taken word for word, it seems foolishly dangerous to mold a society where the rest of it isn’t also a prime directive, straight from above.

Teaching creationism as a valid theory is a simple way to get more people thinking that if Noah’s lookie-lou kid wasn’t such a disrespectful asshole, his descendants wouldn’t be in the whole human bondage mess. But that is the way god wanted it… And isn’t it so much nicer if women would just close their legs, sit in the back, do what their betters tell them, and shut the fuck up? Sure didn’t remember the story mentioning any Adam and Steve either. Yes, it might seem harmless at the outset to tolerate the anachronistic beliefs of the fervently devout, but my thinking is that it means no good for the majority of the population. I’m not very jazzed to live in a country where Margaret Atwood’s, Handmaids Tale is reinvented from a cautionary parable to a good guide of how things ought to be.


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I'm a transgender woman now in the maintenance stages of transition having all the electrolysis and surgery one can reasonably be expected to undertake. While busy exploring my new world, I took to blogging about it with dubiously popular results. I don't have quite as much to say as I used to, but I'm not quite done yet either.

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  1. The fact that the Bible was written by man and not God directly. This is all you need to know towards not taking it word for word.


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