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  2. “If I was to tell you that the last thing I said was a lie, and the next thing is the truth…would you believe me?”

    Belief is a sometimes wobbling tower, like the Leaning Tower in Pisa that you are sure is going to just crumble over because there’s no way it can stay upright. Perhaps you blame Galileo for climbing up it so many times with all those weights, just to throw them away at the top. Beliefs have a place and a time, but identity should not be rigidly founded in belief. Sure, you believe you are a woman so you are sounds good on paper. I might believe I can step into a phone booth and disappear into time and space, but the fact is, if I could find one, some little old lady would likely rap on the door with her umbrella and frown and shake her fist at me. Sigh.

    The fact is the fact you were born with a more challenging course to being female. No one was born knowing all the things that they were supposed to know. I had a dream I was pregnant and about to give birth to a child and it left me wondering why my mind concocted that scenario. All I have ever done is read about it in school, seen some films depicting it and knew some ladies who all experienced it. I don’t believe I am capable of bearing a child but the wonders of science might make it possible one day, and then it becomes a reality. People used to believe the Earth was flat but it isn’t. So believing in yourself is crucial, but BEING yourself is paramount.

    Think about all the positive things that Michelle does and maybe it will set aside the idea that you are what you believe you are and put into place you are who you KNOW you are. You think, therefore you ARE.

    I’m still eager to anticipate giving birth, if only because they give you good meds to ease the pain! 🙂


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  4. “That ain’t nuthin’ but a trap!”
    Oh I have heard that one yelled at me.

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  6. Well let’s have a think about this.

    If I understand correctly the point you are making is we appear to be deceiving others by being female while presenting as male. If I have this right my take is this: ( and please know that this is only my opinion based on my own experience)

    I was absolutely 100 percent carved in granite sure that ‘this’ was something only kids did and was 100 percent carved in granite sure I would grow out of it.

    When with a new love the compulsion waned to the extent that the former was reinforced in my mind and I felt that I was not deceiving her in any way.

    I sure never contemplated the inevitable. It was inconceivable to me that I would eventually wish to transition and therefore potentionaly hurt so many people.

    Michelle, is the purpose of this post to explain why you deceived or to explain you didn’t deceive?

    I myself think the deception is real but unintentional.

    Regards to all,


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  8. People are always looking to hate someone or something, they seem to want to demonize anything and everything they don’t agree with or is too complicated for their small minds to rap around.
    That’s why the Bible was created to mislead us into thinking that we are just to fallow what the Church wants us to believe so that they could control us with fear. I don’t like sounding negative but sometimes the truth sound that way.
    I miss you Michelle

  9. Hiya Sis,

    The hard thing about reading posts like this, besides realising that I actually know somebody who can use the word miasma in a sentence, is that in addition to understanding all that you have so accurately described here, I know first-hand the life experiences that motivate you to write something like this.

    We share so much of our experience, and I wish we didn’t share this part. I understand and hope that someday all the doubters will come to know that we were only dishonest to the extent that we felt we had to for the greater good.

    You are an honest and caring person and that is how the world should see you.




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