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Survey for CSA Survivors

Today I’ve got a fairly out of the ordinary post, but on the chance that it applies to some of you, I wanted to put up the link to further the body of knowledge in this area. I will be honest, it was developed by the mother of my child, whom I still don’t know  what to call. As a result however, I’m happy to advertise that contrary to most surveys, the gender  choices are not natal/ binary exclusive.

Without further ado, except to urge anyone for whom this may apply, to please take it (completely, 100% anonymous).

An Online Study for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
You are invited to participate in a clinical research project that examines your experiences of child sexual abuse and related issues concerning that abuse. Your participation is completely voluntary, and this study will take about 30 – 40 minutes to complete. Most of the questions will be about your experiences of child sexual abuse, your memory of the events, and related issues. The results of this study should help to further our understanding of the effects of child sexual abuse on memory. This understanding will help researchers and therapists to develop more effective intervention programs to assist survivors of child sexual abuse. The link to the study is:

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