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Tranny Chasers

A few months ago at one of my Spectrum meetings, a young trans man said he heard there are certain people attracted specifically to trans folks. The reaction in the room was one of immediate revulsion. “Oh. Ugh. Tranny chasers. You really want to keep away from them!” The facial expressions of the other attendees immediate confirmed the statement. I give our young friend a huge amount of credit for asking, but he accepted the answer and never asked, “OK, why?” It took a while to rattle through my cobwebs, but yeah, why?

I’m reasonably certain they don’t use the term to describe themselves, but we in the trans community do. It’s a way to slap an unfavorable label on a class of people who displease us, ironically working in a term many trans people don’t care for at all. I think the topic is worth a bit of exploration.

First off, what is a tranny chaser anyway? To quote some giant of psychology whose name escapes me, “if it exists out there, someone has a hard on for it.” Peccadillo, paraphilia, fetish, or desired demographic; people have them in spades for everything from shoes to weeping sores to handlebar mustaches. Most of the reading I did about these back in the 90’s indicated these often became imprinted in early childhood, and as I can only assume no new information was gathered since I stopped paying attention, I can only hold that remains the likely answer. A desire for trans people, however, seems harder to explain than a yen for redheads or truck-bumper rubber testicles. Mystery for the ages or not, they exist and they want us.

The overall impression I get is that the real turn on is the parts we may have that are contrary to our self perception. Cover your eyes for a second if you are sensitive to language, but it’s ‘chicks with dicks’ I’m talking about. There are a lot of armchair theorists who would advance that they are merely people with homosexual tendencies who are unready to admit it, and so dabble with a safe gateway gender before taking the plunge. I don’t think so. I think their overall preference is exactly for transgendered people and it stays there.

A lot of trans people are seriously creeped out by this. Why is that? Let’s be honest for a moment; a great number of us don’t exactly have a lot of prospects. Some gay trans women have luck in the lesbian community, and a few straight trans women have very sketchy successes with straight men if they are reasonably passable. Trans men of either orientation appear moderately more desirable, possibly because trans men often end up being fairly awesome dudes. Some trans people like other trans people of either gender and others don’t. In any case, finding romantic happiness is an order of magnitude more difficult than in the cisgender world. Shouldn’t we then be happy that an apparent plethora of dudes love us exactly the way we are? Why do we say, “ick”?

The fundamental reason behind it is that the very thing they are attracted to is what we often most hate about ourselves. In a gathering of trans women who have not had bottom surgery yet, almost no one ever exclaims that they are going to “rock out with their cock out” over the weekend. Great, now I’m going to be tempted to say that sometime just to see everyone get all awkward and uncomfortable. No one does this because women shafted with male genitalia (really try not to take that the wrong way), are not super excited about it, and often loath the idea of anyone taking too great an interest down there.

I think the cis women out there can understand. If you have, say a giant hairy mole on your inner thigh (and let’s be honest, it’s really along the same lines as what I’m talking about) and you are mortally embarrassed about, how flattered are you that some dude is salivating over you because of it? It’s not really that big of a turn on, is it? The truth is, it probably creeps you out even more than someone who wants to smell your shoes. Guys, I’m not so sure get the problem. If I understand things correctly, in the same situation we might expect to hear, “Dude, this hairy taco shaped mole on my ass is getting me so much pussy!” Come on, it’s at least a little true.

OK, I don’t consider tranny chasers bad people, or necessarily weird people, or harmful. I don’t believe they can help their attraction and I don’t judge them for it. I’m tolerant of almost anything that goes on between consenting adult humans. I hope they find what they are looking for, but they’d have better luck satisfying a lust for bacon cheeseburgers in Israel. And in case you found this by googling keywords, um, thanks, but no.

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